Message From Director
Dear Students,
This site is intended to give you necessary information about our coaching methodology and system of imparting excellent education to aspirants of State Board and now for entrance examinations also.
It is a dream of every science student to lead a successful career as an engineer or a doctor. For this lacs of students appear each year but many of them fail to achieve success due to lack of proper guidance and good academic environment although they have talent, capability to work hard and strong will to succeed.
We understand this very well so we have designed our teaching methodology in such a scientific way that develops both your knowledge and problem solving skills and prepare you to face new challenges with confidance. We are dedicated and devoted to build your future with a genuine concern.
We are always accessible to you within and out of the classroom (which other school teachers can never be) and you can make maximum use of our time to maximize your benefits.
ECWY's students show spectacular performance in State Board Examinations and results of last five years have been measured unparalleled in the history of education and we intend and work to continue.
Our system is practical, simple and result oriented so when you join the institute you become a part of force which propels you towards success with our efforts have paid worth.

Curious, Conscious and Continuous.

Yash Vayla